August 11 - 16        WEEK 2
Attendance Requirement for Advancement by Week end:  4

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NEW Level 5 Krav Maga Class Added
This Class is for Black Belts only...
Tuesdays 8-9 pm in our Temecula Training Center
Thursdays 8-9pm in our Murrieta Training Center

This class will be taught majority of the time by John Gabriele

KickBoxing / Cross Training Classes
Now Offered              9:15am Monday - Friday                (Temecula Center)
                                  6pm Monday - Thursday                (Temecula Center)
                                  6pm Monday & Wednesday             (Murrieta Center)
                                  6:15pm Tuesday & Thursday           (Murrieta Center)

School Closings

Saturday August 30 & Monday September 1 (Labor Day)
Thursday November 27 - Saturday November 29 (Thanksgiving)
Monday December 22, 2014 - Saturday January 3, 2015 (Christmas & New Year)

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